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Guide to jewellery making

This article is a guide to the materials, tools and techniques used in jewellery making.

Guide to jewellery making

Jewellery making is the art of making jewellery. The advantage of making your own jewellery is that you can create your own unique designs. Jewellery making does not have to be expensive as there are a vast range of affordable materials (such as beads and findings) available.

Below are articles providing guidance to the materials, tools and techniques used in jewellery making.

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viewGuide to beads

Beads are small decorative objectives with a hole through them, that allows it to be strung together with a string.

viewAbout Jewellery Tools

This article describes the tools such as pliers used in jewellery making.

viewWires / strings and cords

This article describes the different types of wires, strings and cords used in jewellery making.
These can be used as stringing materials for beads. They can also be used as design elements in your jewellery.

viewVideo tutorials

A collection of video tutorials showing you how to make jewellery.
Guide to jewellery findings

Jewellery findings is the general name for the parts used to join jewellery components together to form a completed design. Jewellery findings are normally made of metal. There are many types of findings in hundreds and thousands of different styles. With so much choice, your choice of jewellery findings can enhance your design piece.

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viewType of clasps

These are a type of jewellery findings, they can be used to hold pendants and to join up necklaces, bracelets, anklets etc...

viewEarring findings

These are findings used to make earrings.


Bails are jewellery findings that is used to attach a pendant or gemstone to the jewellery piece, usually used in necklaces.

viewOther findings

As well as clasps, earring findings and bails, there are a large number of other findings that are important for making jewellery.
Photo gallery of jewellery making

Below are some examples of jewellery making.


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